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About Sanctuary Hounds and Pointers


We are Timothy and Deirdre Rahn.  We began our journey together in dogs in 1990 as Coach Chase Dalmatians.  We had a great deal of success in Dalmatians, but while Deirdre was beginning her handling career, Tim met his first bloodhound in 1994 and fell in love.  Our journey led us from Dalmatians to German Shorthaired Pointers but Tim never gave up on adding Bloodhounds to our lives.  In 2010, Tim finally got his way and the search for the perfect bloodhound began.  Soon after, Corrina entered our lives and was followed shortly by Apple.  It has been an amazing ride since then.  We have produced multiple Specialty Awarded pups, Top 20 finalists, Hound Group Winners/Placers, and Performance/Mantrailing Title Holders.  We also have pups working in Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue Homes. 

In 2018 we were inducted into the American Bloodhound Club Hall of Fame as Distinguished Breeders of Merit, an achievement that only a handful of breeders have received since it began in 1986. 

We continue to strive to produce healthier and more beautiful pups with each generation of Sanctuary Hounds Pointers.

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